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31 August 2015

Govt of India / BJP

Govt plans to set up teams of experts to quickly react to ‘negative news’.

- news in 'The Indian Express of 30 August 2015


- the headline sounds reassuring on the earnestness of the govt to consider opinions. Details however imply negative branding. Excerpts;


- "To counter what it perceives as negative news in the media, the government plans to set up QRTs (quick response teams) in various ministries and departments that will immediately step in with arguments to alter the nature of discourse."


- "The Sunday Express has learnt that in a meeting called by the Cabinet Secretary recently, ministries and departments were advised to draw up a list of experts, including from outside the government, and keep their telephone numbers handy. These experts can be called at short notice to cogently argue the government’s case on issues where the narrative turns critical."


<< Govt / BJP is apparently creating a negative attribute for itself with the approach


<< Political parties lose credibility by relentlessly defending their inactions and wrong actions.


>> Negative news invariably spring from negative decisions and actions. Exceptions are rare and get corrected and those that are rampant are the ones that arise from political affiliation and are known by their shades and discounted by the readers.


>> This piece of news itself is a classic example which from the branding perspectives is negative for the govt and the ruling party, by the diction of the communication.


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Govt plans to set up teams of experts to quickly react to ‘negative news’.

not considering but reactive to negative news

26 August 2015


Yippee's 'absolutely safe' advertisement post Maggi crisis comes across like a straight throw. It doesn't seem to measure up to the corporate image of ITC.

- Yippee's advertisement is explicit of its opportunistic promotion intent but is ignorant of the real issues underlying the crisis. With the regulator keen on filing a case on the extra lead in Yippee, as widely reported but denied by the company (which is perplexing), the brand has slipped into its own ignorantly set trap.

- it is absolutely fine to make good from the crisis of a competitor and profitable too to do so from a very dominant one's but without mature strategies the brand hardly gains anything. Yippee's reassurance ads and campaign seem not quite consistent with the; market, brand and branding opportunities in the situation and hence can hardly be expected to tickle demand beyond the desperate lot.

- appropriateness of message is critical and an advertisement can be ineffective with wrong or secondary message. Worse if it is good in carrying that message. It can be harming.

<< could be considered deficient to bring in the desired results

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finding it hard to make good

20 August 2015


Uber Horror: Bengaluru couple allegedly assaulted by Uber drivers, forced to 'compromise' by cops - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Uber deactivates customer’s account !!!

- contrary to popular preaching, customer is 'not' King. In the dispute customer may or may not have been wrong but Uber's 'not concerned' behavior by being out of reach is questionable.

- app can hardly be 'the offer' in app driven taxis. App taxi providers would be driven out of the business ironically by their drivers if they fail to assure appreciable conduct on the part of their drivers.

<< reinforces certain negative attitude often published

>> Both Bangalore Police / govt of Karnataka miss a branding opportunity, of being uncompromising on public safety, by failing to seek an explanation from Uber for inaction and inappropriate action.

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refusing to assume responsibility

17 August 2015

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance announces 7 point 'reforms' for revitalizing Public Sector Banks calling it 'Indhradhanush' initiatives  - after a 'period' of thinking

- Bank Board bureau is only as good and therefore as bad as the existing system; it will keep all banks even (without competition), worse if bad, bad even if good.

- Indhradhanush, ironically, does not seem to settle issues. It raises questions instead!

- has the ministry addressed the issue of scary NPAs?

- has it addressed the real HR challenges of the PS Banks?

- has it created true potential in PS Banks?

- has it tried to work with innovations?

<< deficient action can stick the attribute 'not aggressive' to the ministry

>> deficient action can also stick 'Not BOLD' label to brand BJP

>> elements of 'Indhradhanush' for PS Banks sound far short of the title and the superlative claims on the comprehensiveness of it.

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